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2nd Recipe!

2 Sep

I know I know… I have absolutely no excuse for such a long absence but let’s say that I have been again busy with work and going back home (Nice) get some time off and a good tan :)

But just before going home, I have received two new recipe and managed to do one while packing!

This one is from Muriel, one of my colleague at work but also in her own word : “a sweet tooth”

She gave me the biggest challenge ever of cooking a CAKE. A recipe that she found when she was a student and told me is the best cake ever!

Hmm…well for the ones who do know my cooking history would know that I have never been able to do a cake. My brother even says that I could use them as weapons or boomerang because they are so dry and hard ahah

Let’s face it a real challenge! First the ingredients :

{2 apples : I went for pink lady type

{100 grs flour/ 100grs caster sugar

{75 grs chocolate chips / 75grs chopped almonds / 2 eggs

{1 vanilla sugar pack or vanilla extract / 1/2 table spoon of cinnamon powder

{1 plain yogurt

{2 table spoons of baking powder and 4 table spoons of vegetable oil
To be honest the first good thing about this recipe is that you should have most of the ingredients at home (even if such a bad cook as I am)

I only went to buy the chocolate chips and almonds for this time for very good for the £££

To start the oven must be set on 175 degrees.

In a large bowl, mix everything including the grated apple. You will see on the pictures that I have been quite generous with the chocolate and almonds lol but you can definitely add less


Just make sure you spread butter on the baking dish before pouring the mixture and then place it for 1hour in the oven.

And now I can bet you will think : that’s it? Well yes that’s it and guess what I managed to fail !

I honestly thought at this moment that I suffered from a curse – another homemade boomerang.


Quite disappointed, I investigated with Muriel and first comment and a rather important one lol I got it wrong, It supposed to be in a rectangular bake dish not the tart one!

So I did another attempt same process different dish the day after. This is when you know a challenge is a bit addictive cause you cannot give up like this :)
I tried and it started to burn again…at this time I asked my boyfriend advise (who is a wonderful cook by the way) and he told me that I got it wrong with the oven that it should be rotating heat not on the top of the cake only hence the burning at all times….Ahhhh so this is the SECRET ahaha

{Very proud :)}


It finally cooked “normally” and the result was really good. We had a friend visiting for the visiting for the weekend and the cake was gone for breakfast within 20 minutes woop woop!!!!


Easy to prepare, good reception and nice for any occasion. I would say a yummy last minute recipe and oui oui MY FIRST CAKE ;)


First recipe!

13 Aug

For some reasons, I knew my friends from Canada would be the first to start the challenge :)

As soon as my flatmate Sam, from Oakville in Canada, heard about the blog, she told me straight away: “my mum would love sooo to be into the challenge”

Well there you go, how better can we start than a mummy recipe. {Oh Don’t we love them!}

Susan has been very kind and gave me an appetizer to start with : Roasted garlic with bread.

In her own words:

Good luck with your new endeavour!  Creating interesting tasty food can be very enjoyable and I wish you a healthy ongoing relationship with your cooker!  Every summer I try to find one new “appetizer” and this one was our favourite this year.

It’s a keeper in our house. Ciao, S.

Exactly what I am looking for : a keeper, easy prep and which will please everyone!

I will try this on Thursday, share the pics and definitely the recipe as it sounds like a classic already.

Suellen x

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