Time to start!

16 Aug

Well I must say…I thought I would be less busy after the Olympics but I was definitely wrong!

I do believe that my first challenge will be to find time to cook cause tonight after 11 hours non stop at work it wasn’t easy to drag myself to the kitchen.

But guess what, when I really want something, I make this happen :)

A little stop by M&S and I was ready to go :

{Olive oil

{Balsamic vinegar


{Bread – A nice crunchy one


{And guess what : GARLIC!  – I would say 9 heads are enough for 5 generous slices of bread.

1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon and one ovenproof flat glass or china dish such as pyrex.

I don’t know for you but if I start cooking, I must put music first, not a ritual but almost, I guess it helps to

be in the mood but also really to disconnect from the longest day ever at work.

George Michael and his Freeeedooommm just was the best for tonight (I know Adam, I can’t get over the closure ceremony!)

And I started peeling the cloves with a simple knife…and peeling…and peeling again…15 mins after still peeling…30 mins omg

I am peeling still and George is still giving me the strengh lol Let’s face it : 40 minutes to peel 9 garlic heads! It better be a good result!!

I almost feel like a vampire slayer tonight cause I could literally kill an army of vampires with all those cloves :). For the last two heads…well I just cut the bottom of it just to see if this technique (auto called lazy technique) would work or not in the oven.

Apparently you can find them peeled already so if you do have this chance, GO FOR IT!

All in the pyrex if a generous amount of olive oil and salt. 180 degrees and 30 minutes after :

First comment : I should have cut the bottom to all of them!

It is a lot more clean as only the skin burns a bit but once you press them all the cloves are coming out and perfectly cooked!

Now using the fork I mash all this, add salt, pepper and the balsamic vinegar.

While doing this you can start toasting the slices of bread.

With your spoon spread a generous amount of the garlic mixture on the bread and add Parmesan thinly sliced on top of it.


I couldn’t help myself and added some other toppings : pan fried chorizo and chilli prawns!

Finally, well I still prefer the Parmesan one lol But it is nice to offer the options. I would propose more vegetarians toppings such as roasted peppers or zucchini for example as it going better with garlic.


Overall :

Taste great, Smells amazing and definitely a good one when inviting friends for pre drinks!
{I won’t give any ratings to my recipe but you will guess the difficulty of them through my comments I am sure LOL}

PS : Susan, Sam tried it of course and she said it is great but not as good as my mum!
Fair enough, next time I will get better I am sure :)

Et voila!


One Response to “Time to start!”

  1. Anonymous August 17, 2012 at 12:16 AM #

    Suellen – 3 stars for your perseverence and effort! Well done. I admire your imagination by adding your own touches and think this is a huge asset in cooking. I see great dishes ahead in your future. XX

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